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Shayla Jay.jpg

Can you tell us a little more about you and your styling background?

I am a 20 year old stylist from Australia! I have been working in the industry/hair blogging for the last 3 years now! My Mum taught me how to braid when I was 5 and it all started from there! Growing up as a dancer, I had a lot of friends ask me to do hair for dance competitions and shows! This is what lead to me playing around with new styles, new braids and new techniques! I completed a certificate II in hairdressing but most of what I do now is self taught! I mostly specialise in bridal and festival looks on clients but hope to make my way into more of a celebrity, on set, scene as I grow as a stylist!

What is the one product/tool you can not live without?

I absolutely love the Design Me, Puff Me! So perfect for adding texture to all styles!! You never know what you’re going to get in terms of clients hair thickness and texture so Puff Me always comes to the rescue! I, myself, have very thin hair, so it always helps make my styles appear fuller! It’s definitely a must have!

Who/Where do you find inspiration from?

I find inspiration from stylists such as Heather Chapman, Larisa Love, and so many other amazing people! Also Beyond The Ponytail has always been my favourite place to get a fresh dose of inspiration and motivation!

What trends are you loving right now?

I am loving the braids and styles usings scarves at the moment! I think it’s such a simple but effective touch!

What are some of your favorite braids/looks to create?

My favorite braid would have to be the fishtail! I feel like it’s such an easy braid but always makes everything look that little bit better! I find myself using it way too often! My favorite looks to create will always be super boho styles! I love creating messy, effortless looks!

Best advice you can give on how to get your work noticed on Instagram?

My best advice for getting noticed would be, staying active, using hashtags and tagging hair pages in your work to try and get shared.  Also connect with fellow stylists! The hair community on instagram is such a great one! We are all here to support each other! So spread love and you’ll see it come right back! Also stay true to you, and let your passion shine through and speak for itself!

With so many apps to choose from, what are some of your favorites to use for social media?

I love using lightroom, vsco and facetune to edit my photos and make them pop! I also use the app UNUM. I am a bit crazy when it comes to how my feed looks! So this app helps me lay all my future posts out and see what flows! You can also schedule posts and see more statistics about your account!