These days, we are all in a hurry and sometimes overbooked. Wanting to look put together and stylish is still high on our list. It’s always great to have some hairstyles to rely on that will have us looking on trend on those days that we are running behind or just quite not ready to commit to our “wash hair” day.


Half up Top knots

Don’t want to commit to all your hair up in a topknot, and don't have time to wash your hair? This half-up, half-down style gives you the best of both worlds. Great for long or shorter hair and perfect when all you have time for is your favorite dry shampoo but need something that's versatile from day to night.

top knots and lobs

Artist: Almog Cohen @almogcohen_hair Makeup: @mattansabag Model: @maria_domark


Artist: Shaylee Blatz @hairbyshaylee

Picture perfect for any party

Artist: Ash and Co. @ashandcobridalhair

textured topknot

Image: Pinterest


Top Knots

For those that love to press the snooze button or find themselves pushing their “wash day” out a little further, this go-to option is almost always on-trend. Some ask, ”What’s the difference between a top knot and messy bun?” Great question! An all up top knot will be perfectly perched on top of the head as opposed to the messy bun which can usually be found lower on the head.

Everyday Top Knot

Artist: Micki Cunningham @micki_cunningham

Peek-A-Boo top knot

Artist: Celebrity Hairstylist Sarah Potempa @sarahpotempa for @margotrobbie


messy Buns

Effortless updos continue to inspire our everyday style. You'll feel stylish with this textured look, which you can achieve by spraying your crown with your favorite dry texture spray before pulling in back into an undone bun. Pull a few pieces out to get the signature perfectly imperfect, undone look. Elevate this look by wrapping your favorite silk scarf or for a more casual vibe, reach for the essential scrunchie.


Artist: Ash and Co. @ashandcobridalhair

twisted bun

Artist: Nicole Drège @nicoledrege

messy buns and bandanas

Artist: @_thefab3


Exposed Bobby Pins

We’ve spent years trying to hide them inside our hairstyles, but now bobby pins are getting much deserved time in the spotlight. Now more than ever, women are embracing bobby pins as accessories instead of tools.

multicolor bobbys

Artist: Amy Creten/Clark @smallgirlbigblog

hashtag it

Artist: Amy Creten/Clark @smallgirlbigblog

roller pin criss cross

Artist: Nastya Kosh @kosh_hair


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