Can you tell us a little more about you and your styling background?

I started out as a makeup artist in 2007. With no interest “ever” in doing hair. I hated hair, but as a makeup artist in The Netherlands you also “have” to do hair to get bookings. So after being asked for a big photoshoot on a tropical Island (which totally went wrong, because I could not do hair :-) I decided I had to get some education in hair. Which I did at the school of Hester Wernert ( Mogeen ).

What bridal trends are you loving right now?

Well still the undone/boho hair with the braids. I love those 2 together in an updo!

What new trends can we look forward to?

Soft hair, still with the boho touch. This for me will always be a trend I will use.

How do you stay inspired?

I am on Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube so many hours a week! This is where I get most of my inspiration from. And a lot of online education!

What advice would you give to a bridal hairstylist just getting started?

Surround yourself with positive people, and people who believe in you. If I had not done that I would not be here today doing what I love. “Never ever do something you don’t like”

Best advice to a bride regarding her hairstyle?

For me I mostly advise the hair to be up, or half up, as this will stay for the whole day without having to use so much products. This lets you have that casual hair or updo.

What is the one product/tool you can not live without?

My absolute Styling tool/product I can’t live without is Alterna Haircare Caviar Perfect Texture Spray. This is my absolute number one product I always have with me. And what makes all my hair look “undone”. It is a mix between hairspray and dry shampoo/powder. What makes the hair a little rougher. What is perfect to use when braiding!

Best advice you have ever been given?

Stay true to yourself and don’t have an ego. Always stay open to all people. You never know where they end up in the industry and could later help you out :-) I even quited hair & make up for one year, because I didn’t feel I belonged in this industry. I got an office job, and after 7 months doing that a burn-out. Then a fashion stylist pulled me back in the saddle, and now I am flying around the world doing hair, which I absolutely love more then make up now! So always be open. You never know where you end up, or who you will become.

What do you love to do outside of work?

My other greatest passion are horses. I have 2 horses of my own. And for me to really relax is to ride them or just be with them. Best feeling in the world!

Guilty pleasures?

Food and Music! I secretly love karaoke :-)