Looking for different accessories to adorn your braid creations during this holiday season?  How about some string and a little creativity? Using string in braids has been around for a while, but like most things, it shows up again and sparks a new wave of inspiration. We caught up with Shayla Robertson @samirasjewelry , who we first noticed her add this to her unique creations and asked her some questions about how she creates her works of art.

Her favorite products to use prior to braiding are @sexyhair Smooth and Seal and Rose Elixir, @larackay Marilyn Diamond Shine Spray and @biologe Frizz Control Spray. Shayla than crimps the hair lightly for volume. She finds inspiration from Instagram and saves numerous styles to study later before she comes up with her own unique creations. One of her favorites hairstylists to follow is the talented @georgikot.

Shayla, like the rest of us, looks to YouTube for tutorials to watch for styles that she is interested in mastering. She then practices daily on mannequins and wigs until she is happy with her results.  “Once I’m confident with the style than I style it on a model.” Her page @samirasjewelry is collection of inspiring hair and makeup looks and is definitely one to follow as she continues to win numerous awards and accolades.

Get inspired by Shayla’s latest trend of using different textures of string in her braids to capture our attention.  You can watch her how-to video on this look in our tutorial section.

Below are some of her creations along with other inspiring hairstylists that have taken to adding string for some fun extra interest to their looks!